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A Foolproof Timeline to Help You Buy & Sell Your Home

Buying a new home while selling your old property is no easy journey, but it’s also not impossible. The most important thing to remember is that one will have to come before the other. Most experts suggest focusing on finding your dream home before getting ahead and focusing on selling your current home.

What are the pros? Well, this process keeps a roof over your head and gives you an ample amount of time to search for your new spot. No one wants to rush the home-buying process, especially when their current property is listed on the market. Who knows how long it’ll take before someone offers, and the last thing you want to find yourself in is a scramble. Luckily, with trial and error and expertise from some of the best real estate, there’s a foolproof timeline you can follow.

Whether or not you’re selling your Brookfield real estate or looking to get your hands on one of the best Whitefish Bay homes on the market, there’s a step-by-step process you’ll want to follow to get things started.

Make moves as simultaneously as possible

Even just thinking about making moves simultaneously can seem intimidating. But buying and selling a home at the same time doesn’t have to be a challenge. One thing to note is that when looking to sell your Mequon real estate and purchase at the same time, preparation is key. These highly sought-after locations tend to go quickly, so the same applies when looking at the possibility of your own property getting sold quickly in today’s market. That’s why it’s essential to pay equal attention to both buying and selling—resisting the urge to prolong any part of the process.

Luckily making moves simultaneously follows a simple three-part process. The most important thing to remember is that you’re trying to not only find a new place but that you’re also trying to sell an old property. Because it’s unlikely that both will execute themselves at the same exact time or at least within the same week, you’ll want to prepare both goals at the same time. If you don’t mind being without your current property in search of a new place, or vice-versa, then these steps will likely seem simpler to your circumstance. But because not everyone has the luxury to tackle one task at a time, following a foolproof timeline can’t hurt.

Prepare your current property to go on the market

The number one step to buying and selling your home is to prepare your current property. The last thing any homeowner wants is to find the home of their dreams but realize that it’s too early to move. Preparing your property will ensure it’s ready to be seen and more important, purchased. How do you do this? Handle the basics and get upgrades out of the way. Things like painting walls, decluttering your belongings, and making minor updates to the most important features of your home are great places to start.

Waiting until the last minute will likely prolong your sale due to any potential concerns. Plus, once you’re ready to list your property and get things moving, it’ll be all set and ready to go. But before you get right to it, don’t forget to consult with an agent on what updates and moves to make with your property. This can save you loads of time and money on how you prepare your home.

Don’t stop looking for your new place

The most important thing about buying and selling your home simultaneously is not pausing one step for another. It would be virtually impossible to focus on one without the other unless you either don’t mind having two properties or being without any at all. Because of this, you never want to stop your new home hunt. If this step is tricky in your circumstances, you might want to lean on an expert who can help you in your search. While finding the perfect Whitefish Bay home might not be terribly difficult due to the lovely properties in the area, it’s still always best to partner with an agent.

This will not only ensure you can handle preparing your current property, but also that your future one is just within reach. If you decide to tackle this on your own, it’s important to continue searching for properties, attend showings, and do the research to secure the right fit. Pausing for even a week or two will only create time for potential buyers to offer on your home.

Request an extended closing

If you’ve come across the place of your dreams and have found yourself in the midst of closing, it’s always a good idea to request an extended closing. Why? Well, you still have property on your hands. Of course, this only applies if you’ve managed to sell your home at the same time as your move-in, but oftentimes not, you could end up with your current property as you move into a new one.

If you find yourself frantically scrambling to sell your home, requesting an extended closing will give you time to not only move your belongings but get your home sold. If you don’t choose to do so, you might want to keep yourself informed of any hurdles to closing on your new home. Getting ahead of yourself will prove to be extremely helpful when you find the perfect property at the “wrong” time—although in this case, we’d argue it’s never the wrong time.

While tackling this expedition can seem exciting, you don’t have to do it alone. After all, spending weeks in search of your new home while getting rid of your old one can be intimidating for some. Partnering with local experts like Chris Muellenbach will not only help expedite your home search but also your sale. More importantly, you can kiss any potential stress goodbye and lean on a shoulder that has your back throughout the whole process!

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