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Navigating through life's unpredictable path often leads us to unexpected crossroads.

Facing the complexities of a divorce profoundly reshapes our existence.

Challenging us to find resilience and adapt to a transformed landscape of our lives.

You don't have to do it alone.

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Expert Guidance Through Divorce: The Role of a Certified Divorce Real Estate Expert

As we travel through life, we sometimes find ourselves at junctions that drastically alter our reality. The dissolution of a marriage is one such profound shift, compelling us to muster resilience and acclimate to new circumstances.​

In the midst of a divorce, the family home becomes a central, emotionally charged asset. Despite its significance, the average real estate agent lacks specialized training to handle such delicate matters, leaving a critical component of the process without knowledgeable guidance.​


By choosing to work with a Certified Divorce Real Estate Expert (CDRE), you are engaging with an agent among the elite top 1% in their field. These agents are well-supported by a community, undeterred by conflict or complexity, and are held accountable for their service. This ensures that both attorneys and clients have access to a trusted real estate professional for their case.​


Consider the scenario where a friend is represented in a divorce by a lawyer with expertise in an unrelated field. Just as hidden pitfalls can elude such a lawyer, a real estate agent without family law specialization may overlook critical nuances.


Real estate agents have their niches – some excel in commercial properties, others in specific neighborhoods, or in hosting spectacular open houses. However, divorce real estate is a unique domain with its own set of challenges, such as handling restraining orders or mediating between disputing parties.


My expertise is underpinned by training from the Ilumini Institute, the most distinguished program in divorce real estate, with rigorous instruction from family law attorneys, judges, and the institute's founder. This program's exclusivity is evident as only 10% of applicant agents are admitted.


As Wisconsin’s first Certified Divorce Real Estate Expert™, I bring specialized skills to the table, including managing high-conflict situations, understanding domestic violence legalities, and maintaining neutrality. The training covers:

  • High-conflict personality dynamics

  • Domestic violence order management

  • Neutral stances in divorce property listings

  • Psychological aspects of neutrality, bias, and conflict communication

  • Divorce financial acumen

The role of a Certified Divorce Real Estate Expert extends beyond mere transactions; we aim to educate and support our clients, equipping them with resources and expert guidance throughout the process.


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