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In times of economic turmoil, the real estate industry can be one of the hardest hit. But during the Great Recession, Chris Muellenbach was a shining example of adaptability and expertise. As a seasoned real estate professional, Chris provided invaluable support to developers and lenders struggling to find tenants and buyers for their new developments.

With a deep understanding of the local market, Chris created strategic marketing plans tailored to the specific needs of his clients. He used his keen eye for identifying opportunities to connect potential buyers and renters with properties that met their requirements, despite the unfavorable market conditions. His commitment to open communication and collaboration fostered strong working relationships, ultimately leading to successful outcomes for all parties involved.

Since those challenging times, Chris has continued to build upon his reputation as a trusted resource for developers, lenders, and individuals seeking guidance in the complex world of real estate. Leveraging his extensive network and utilizing the latest marketing tools, Chris ensures maximum exposure for the developments he represents, targeting the right audience and streamlining the processes. His resourcefulness and dedication to his clients have earned him a proven track record of success.


Whether you're facing economic uncertainty or unique circumstances, Chris Muellenbach is an experienced partner who can help you navigate the complexities of the real estate market. Reach out to him today to discuss your needs and learn how he can help you achieve your goals. With Chris by your side, you'll have a proven resource to guide you through challenging times.



Looking for a real estate brokerage with a strong regional presence?

Look no further than Compass!

Since 2012, we've been simplifying the real estate process market by market.

With over 350 offices across 120 US markets, we're the fastest-growing and most innovative brokerage in the country.


And unlike other brokerages,

Compass is proud to serve Chicago, Milwaukee, Lake Geneva, and everything in between under one roof.


This means that your project will benefit from our extensive regional reach, giving you exposure to potential buyers in the most active feeder markets.

Professional Photographer


Our carefully selected team of photographers will capture the essence of your property to showcase it in the best possible way. We will assist you in staging and preparing for the photoshoot.

Professional Photographer
Female web designer at work
Designers Looking at the Computer


Having a website is an excellent approach to providing potential buyers with a comprehensive understanding of your project.


It allows you to share the development's story, showcase its features and amenities, capture search traffic, and generate leads

Print Collateral 

Each piece of marketing collateral, whether it's a multipage brochure, a custom mailer, or an open house handout, is strategically crafted to convey a cohesive story that enhances the reputation of your property in the market.


Our team guarantees consistency in branding and messaging across all platforms.

Hands Working on Magazine Print

Digital Reach

COMPASS.COM, our comprehensive website optimized for all devices, offers premium photography and detailed information about your listing, highlighting its essential selling features.


With over 250 million annual impressions on our website and social media, our robust digital presence attracts potential

buyers to your property


We will feature your listings and development at no additional cost in our tri-annual publication, Lake & Country Magazine.


The magazine is distributed to more than 30,000 individuals in Southeastern Wisconsin and the Greater Chicagoland region, providing extensive exposure to your property.

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