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Unraveling Milwaukee's mystery home: the pursuit of a hidden gem in the North Shore.

Over Memorial Day weekend, a long-time client contacted me, requesting information about a home under construction in Milwaukee's North Shore. With my expert hide and seek skills, honed by my five-year-old twins, I felt up to the challenge.

I conducted some research and found the owner's name, address, and phone number. Like any dedicated real estate agent, I began calling and sending letters to the owner, but as expected, received no response.

After 17 years in real estate, I've made many friends and connections throughout Milwaukee. There might be six degrees of separation in the rest of the country, but in Milwaukee, it's closer to two degrees. Usually, I can find someone who knows the person I'm looking for, but in this case, none of my connections knew the family. I even showed photos of the property to veteran Realtors without any luck.

Then, on July 6th, a friend invited me to lunch. While discussing our careers, I mentioned the specific property I was seeking for my client. My friend's eyes widened, and they revealed they had a client constructing their dream home in that very area. After a month and a half, I finally had a connection to the person building the house.

The next step was to contact the owner and see if they would consider selling the stunning property they were creating for themselves to my client.

In the end, we closed the deal shortly after Labor Day.

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